Thursday, September 17, 2015

1 month in Brazil

September 14, 2015

One month in Brazil! But more on that later. Hello everyone! Last p-day was another holiday where everything is closed, so it was pretty much a little bit of work, e-mail, then the house all day. We ´re lucky a little street vendor place was open because we had nada in the house for food! Tuesday for district meeting, we talked about a lot of important stuff. No effort is wasted as a missionary because everyone needs the gospel and you can be planting the seeds of faith for future missionaries, but the fact is, there are people the Lord has prepared for right now and we need to find those people and teach them. Another reason you always need to be in tune with the Spirit. Also, just because you´re out working, doesn´t always mean you´re "out working". You need to be focused and using your time effectively. Also, missionary work without members of the ward isn´t nearly as effective. We had a few lessons with members this week and they went really really well, and they were with people the members referred to us. The ward members are critical in missionary work. We also talked about talking to more people, so this week was contacts, contacts contacts, which I do not like because its hard. It´s soooo nerve racking just talking to people on the street. But it’s a skill I need to learn to master. I learned a lot about people and how the mission field really works this week. Sadly, Anderson, the guy we felt really good about, moved in with his Aunt and we can´t find where he lives. Lots of people don´t know streets and addresses here. Thursday was my one month mark in Brazil and what a day. I was actually on a full day exchange with Elder Castro in Campina Grande and it was awesome. He is the coolest guy, he has such a love for the people, and even though he goes home in a week and half, we worked 10 HOURS that day. A normal day is about 7. I learned a lot of great things and I was really happy. Time goes by slow and fast all at the same time. Had a couple of good lessons with people this week, but sadly no one came to church. Speaking of, I gave my first talk in church here. topic? Missionary work. Pretty much my week!
 Love you all!
All the best! - Elder Carroll

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