Thursday, September 17, 2015

1 month in Brazil

September 14, 2015

One month in Brazil! But more on that later. Hello everyone! Last p-day was another holiday where everything is closed, so it was pretty much a little bit of work, e-mail, then the house all day. We ´re lucky a little street vendor place was open because we had nada in the house for food! Tuesday for district meeting, we talked about a lot of important stuff. No effort is wasted as a missionary because everyone needs the gospel and you can be planting the seeds of faith for future missionaries, but the fact is, there are people the Lord has prepared for right now and we need to find those people and teach them. Another reason you always need to be in tune with the Spirit. Also, just because you´re out working, doesn´t always mean you´re "out working". You need to be focused and using your time effectively. Also, missionary work without members of the ward isn´t nearly as effective. We had a few lessons with members this week and they went really really well, and they were with people the members referred to us. The ward members are critical in missionary work. We also talked about talking to more people, so this week was contacts, contacts contacts, which I do not like because its hard. It´s soooo nerve racking just talking to people on the street. But it’s a skill I need to learn to master. I learned a lot about people and how the mission field really works this week. Sadly, Anderson, the guy we felt really good about, moved in with his Aunt and we can´t find where he lives. Lots of people don´t know streets and addresses here. Thursday was my one month mark in Brazil and what a day. I was actually on a full day exchange with Elder Castro in Campina Grande and it was awesome. He is the coolest guy, he has such a love for the people, and even though he goes home in a week and half, we worked 10 HOURS that day. A normal day is about 7. I learned a lot of great things and I was really happy. Time goes by slow and fast all at the same time. Had a couple of good lessons with people this week, but sadly no one came to church. Speaking of, I gave my first talk in church here. topic? Missionary work. Pretty much my week!
 Love you all!
All the best! - Elder Carroll

Pizza is not the same in Brazil!

September 7, 2015

Another week! Okay last Monday night was freaking amazing! We went to this pizza buffet, but it´s not like a buffet where you go and pick up some food, then eat, then go back, no. They bring you a different type of pizza every few minutes and you either take a piece or don´t. We barely ate that day so we could have room and boy, we´re we stuffed to the brim when we were done. The pizza was amazing, so many different kinds. I was the "child" of the group and had 12 pieces (who would have thought 12 pieces is only a little bit???) Elder Ramos has 14, Elder Hodges had 15, and Elder Markham had a whopping 19. Craziness! It was so good but we weren’t exactly feeling healthy afterwards, haha. But we didn´t have any big problems, so all is well. Guys will be guys.

 Tuesday was exactly two months since I started my mission, crazy! Wednesday we had zone meeting, where we did role playing in front of the whole zone, which was nerve-racking, but I actually did okay. It´s awesome to see the love the zone has for each other. The district leader, Elder Fanzlau, was on exchange with Elder Ramos for the rest of the day and part of the next, so it was cool having him around, he´s pretty awesome.

Also for Wednesday, we met this guy, Anderson, who had met with the missionaries in Sau Paulo and they were helping him learn English, so when we came by his house, because he´s now living in Sao Jose da mata, he was happy to have us in. He´s super cool and easy to talk to, I feel like I can relate to him well, and he´s justa cool dude. Plus, he came to church on /Sunday, which was awesome! Also, he knew a little bit about the doctrine because of what the other missionaries had taught him, but one of our times we met with him, we taught part of all 4 lessons, all in one sitting! Crazy! I didn´t even know that was possible! Haha.

Happy Birthday Elder Markham! The big 20, very exciting. We just had some cake at Deborah´s house for a little while to celebrate, it was fun. We had fast and testimony meeting on Sunday, so it was definitely awesome hearing people´s testimonies.

One thing I feel I’ve learned a lot this weekend that everything a missionary does works through the spirit. Who we talk to, where we go, what we say, all through the spirit, and the spirt always testifies of truth. I´m so grateful to have a guide in my work, because I certainly couldn´t do this on my own, and I have this guide because it´s not my work, it´s the Lord´s work, and the Lord will always prevail.

 I hope you all have an amazing week, and don´t forget to remember your Heavenly father and your Savior Jesus Christ, for all the things they do for you.

All the best!

The church is true!

- Elder Carroll

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

2 months out!

August 31, 2015

Hey everyone! Tomorrow will mark 2 months since I began my mission! Craziness!

My week. Last P-day wasn´t really much of a P-Day because I had to go to Joao Pessoa to do some legal stuff, part of being an American and coming to Brazil. I woke up at 4:45 and we got back at around 3ish. It took forever! But hey, that´s life.

District meeting on Tuesday, we focused a lot on talking to people about how the gospel can and does bless families, and I’m so grateful for all the things the gospel has done to strengthen my family and I’m so grateful it gives me the opportunity to live with my family forever. No matter what, always cherish your family.

 We don´t have any hot water because something broke, so showers are freaking freezing!

I did splits this week for the first time, which I was really worried about, but it was actually a really good learning experience. I was put with this guy Thales, he´s actually just a member and not a missionary, and he wanted to talk to EVERYONE! Just left and right talking to people, excited, happy, making people laugh but also expressing the seriousness of our message. He taught me a lot about what missionary work should be like and the attitude you should have and I’m grateful for his example.

 Another cool thing, there´s this one girl, Luana, who has been going to church for almost a year but never got baptized because her parents wanted her to wait, we met with them this week and seemingly out of nowhere, they decided to let her be baptized! So we had another baptism this week, and we actually had enough water to fill the font! I was a baptismal witness  for the first time, as well as being in the circle for confirming someone a member of the church for the first time, so that was cool.

 One lady we taught this week was really interesting (not in the best way)  we taught her the first lesson then came back a few days later and asked if she prayed to know if they things we said are true and she said yes she knows it’s true and then we asked her if she´d go to church and she was like ehhh, I don´t think so. Huh? Confusing.

But we had a lot of good lessons this week too, so it´s okay!
That´s my week!
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I love you all! - Elder Carroll

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